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What’s the Best Paint for Stucco Houses?

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Stucco houses can be found over the southwestern and southern US states in colors from sun-washed pink, custom colors, to natural clay colors. Painting a stucco house is not that hard to do—and usually, easier compared to painting a house that is wooded-sided. The greatest paint depends on the condition and age of your stucco, and whether it has been painted previously.  

Painting new stucco 

New stucco can be cured for a minimum of 60 days before painting—to make sure, inquire the stucco contractor for her or his suggestion. In the market, there are a lot of stucco systems and some could be painted within a month. After curing, apply a water-based masonry sealer created for use on stucco and other absorbent surfaces. This could be followed by two coatings of water-based paint. While other budget exterior paints are a combination of acrylic and latex, utilize a 100% acrylic exterior house paint. This offers the best color retention and adhesion. Applying the highest quality paint will significantly prolong the life of your paint job.  

If you have installed fiber cement stucco panels rather than traditional concrete stucco, these commonly come from the producer pre-primed and paint-ready with any high-quality exterior water-based paint. 

Painting faded, old stucco 

While doing any needed repairs is possible, wash the surface and apply two coats of acrylic paint, this will get you a reasonable, but not a long-lasting and optimal job. Elastomeric masonry paint would be your best option. This won’t only give an impervious surface and superior adhesion, it is elastic enough and heavy-bodied to fill small pinholes and hairline cracks in the stucco.  

Previously painted Stucco 

Stuccos that are painted before should be free of all efflorescence, dirt, and paint. Power washing is frequently the most effective way to ready the surface. The stucco could then be painted with either elastomeric or acrylic paint.  

Tips from professionals 

  • Always remember that the moment you paint your stucco, you’ll be encountered with repainting every 8 up to 10 years. The moment stucco is painted, reapplying a fresh coat of stucco would need extensive and expensive surface preparation. 
  • For stucco, you should prevent all oil-based paints. They don’t breathe similar to those coatings that are water-based. Also, moisture within your home would evaporate through the exterior walls, peeling and loosening the paint.  
  • All exterior paints come in sheens from semi-gloss, high gloss, flat though satin. Though glossier paints are a bit more durable, remember that they also highlight the irregularities of the surface. 
  • Use a high-quality paint made for use on masonry surface, such as stucco, and keep in mind that due to the porosity and heavy texture of most stucco, you could possibly count on coverage between 150 and 200 sq. ft. 


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