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Rebuilding Your Credit after Divorce

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It can be costly to get a divorce. It will cost you a lot of cash upfront if you go from spending money for a single shared property to spending money for two shared properties. If you’re locked into a costly lease at the original shared property, or if the market for housing or divorce proceedings stop you from selling the property, those expenses can be intensified. Other costs to consider are attorneys, legal fees, and much more.  


Financial issues that existed already may be a subsidizing aspect that leads to divorce in a lot of cases. This means these extra costs are only making things bad. It is common for individuals to go out after a divorce with damaged credit and a lot of debt. Riverside credit repair will not happen overnight. However, each excellent financial choice will slowly put you back on track.  

Before You Get a New Credit, Change Your Last Name 

Before you begin applying for new credit, you should first change your name to your maiden name if you are planning to do it. With this, your new accounts will be allotted in the legal name you will utilize as you move on. In addition to that, call your existing creditors and ask them to change your name on their accounts.  

Deal With Bills You Cannot Afford 

It isn’t uncommon for ex-partners to financially struggle in the years and months after the divorce. If you are having an issue paying all the bills, you should ask for help via consumer credit counseling. They can help you check your financial status and help you choose the ideal way to deal with the bills. The credit counseling company might recommend that you file for bankruptcy. This depends on your case’s severity.  

Tackle Joint Debts with Your Ex-Partner 

If you’ve still got an open account with your  previous partner, you will not have full control of your credit report. Even after a divorce, the actions of your ex-partner will keep on influencing your credit score. Thus, it is an excellent move to ensure the divorce settlement summaries steps for splitting the debt.  

Generally, the debts that your partner is accountable for are in her/his name only and you are accountable for debts in your name only. To restructure your debts, consolidation, balance transfer, and refinance are options for the two of you.  

Monitor Your Credit Score 

By knowing what is affecting your credit, you could figure out how to enhance your credit. You should get a copy of your credit histories from every major credit bureau 

Live on a Budget 

Rebuilding and building credit is primarily about lowering your debt and paying your bills on time. If you want to do this, you’ve got to figure out if you’re bringing in adequate cash now that you’ve got nobody to share costs with. You may have to look into looking for another job, looking for extra part-time work, or increasing your hours if your current income and alimony is not enough. You also have to live on a budget.  

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